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"except some" as they prick your revisionist bubbles :) and this account is very 'bubbly' i must say.

"Banda SINGH Bahadur" ....

in Ramgarhia Misl:

"impressed by the valour of both Hardas Singh and his son, Bhagwan Singh, the Mughal emperor granted the latter an autonomous territory in the Punjab"

What can i say? Wasn't the emperor impressed by Banda bahadur's valour? why only a select band of banda generals were rewarded with jagirs while others were executed? The answer lies in the dhokha-e-khaas - the supreme betrayal by the Tat Khalsa when they deserted banda's forces in his last battle at Gurdaspur. Some historians would say Mata Sundari (who was living in Mughal emperor Farukhsiyar's Delhi at that time) had given them a hukam to leave banda. The deserters included Bhalle and Trehan sahibzadas too.

But of course the teesers, Udhokes and hatred spewing katha vachaks do not want anyone to hear about this gaddari with someone who avenged Guru's humiliations and sahibzadas' murders.

Your idiocracy has been answered countless times on this forum by more than one individual. You can take your pseudo-national rant elsewhere. The article is only a description and medium biography of the 12 misls, not a signal for you to commence your simian romp again.

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