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Any Experience With True Psychic Reader?


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I'm not a fan of psychic reader (as defined in Western culture); but I do consider the True Remote-Viewers/Psychic/Trance/Spirit-Mediumship/Channeling. So, I was wondering if anybody has ever taken the inputs from Trance mediums.

I recently took the consultation from John Russell (http://atdaylong.tripod.com/aboutme.html) basically for the Spiritual stuff and very impressed with his abilities to explain the things.

Kindly, share if any of you had any personal experience with any Trance-Medium via a physical person or via dreams or any other way. And please do NOT hijack the thread starting the debate on if this works or not or if it is good vs wrong. Please please post your personal experiences and NOT the theory from books. Please share.

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Have you tried reading your own palms ?

Because the pre-destined can be changed by conscientious efforts by yourself !

Believe me, you can witness your own lines and paths changing as you raise your own consciousness.

I have not had any 3rd party medium interactions but I do find that the subconscious speaks to you via dreams to help you better yourself.

I do sometimes feel that dreams can bring out matters or issues that we may sometimes ignore in daily life, but which have to be dealt with in order to move on !

(are you aquarius ? :P )

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Thanks for your response.

Yes, I can also read my own palms to some extent and I'm working on reading the palms mostly to get an idea of the person's health issues. Yes, I understand that we can change/cancel/postpone/convert-to-lesser-degree thing by working on our consciousness or say by meditation.

I've also experienced dreams where our sub-consciousness helps us and also sometimes our Spiritual Guides helps us that way.

My intention was to get the names of real Psychics in current times e.g in the past: Edgar Cayce etc.

And I'm Cancerian.

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