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Why Do Certain Groups Of Sikhs Support Hamas


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During this conflict the Sikhs should be standing on side of Israel

Hamas is the one targeting innocent civilians in Israel with rockets

Hamas is using women and children as human shields

Israel has to defend itself and their shooting rockets targeting Hamas and not innocent civilians

innocent civilians are dieing cause Hamas hides behind them

I think best response about Israel power in American politics and about who really are the bad guys in this conflict is bill maher

Youtube bill maher rips hamas over gaza

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Because Pakistani's (especially right wing) support Palestine and the downfall of Israel.

Some feel that Pakistani's will then aid sikhs in creating Khalistan not realizing Pakistani's want to conquer the world they will take the first chance they get to attack all of India even if it is done slowly by taking over a Sikh state, Kashmir, raping that region and then turning to the rest of India and then using the combined force to attack China which it currently can not do.

Some Khalistanis are aware of the threat but feel with Khalistan they can fight Pakistanis if they do attack. Pakistan can't defeat the Indian army but a smaller population with a new enemy would be easier to take on or to establish pakistani puppets, Muslims in the guise as Sikhs controlling Khalistan to ideological brainwash everyone into an Islamically ruled state.

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