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Have you ever thought about making the forum compatible with Tapatalk? It only takes a tiny bit of code and then allows the forum to be accessible within Tapatalk which is an app on both iOS and Android. It makes browsing on a smartphone much easier than thru the browser as it sizes appropriately. Plus a lot of people put all their accessed forums in the app and then all new posts from all of them can be seen at once etc. it doesn't affect the forum at all on your end and only requires a tiny bit of code to allow the app to pull the content.

It also has a directory and your site would come up in searches through the app... Drawing in more Sikhs who might not know about this site.

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Have you thought about adding this site to Tapatalk Client?  It's not difficult and most forum software is supported... all it does is include your site in the Tapatalk directory and allows people to access the forum on mobile devices using the Tapatalk Client app.  

The app itself conglomerates all a person's forums into one easy place and maintains new posts etc.  Additionally, people can search by keyword for new forums they might be interested in from within the app.  The app itself, loads the content of the forums without any potential issues (like forum software crashing in certain browsers etc).  And the directory is a bonus because it can draw in new members searching for forums on Sikhism.  I think Sikhsangat forum is already registered on it.  

Here is the page where you can start reading up.  The process to install the plug-in takes only 15-20 mins.  

It would be good to see Sikh Awareness on there!



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