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Interview With Jason Askew (Artist) And Amarpal Singh Sidhu (Historian)


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In case you're wondering, Askew is the guy who paints some seriously passionate Sikh artwork, i.e:


Amarpal wrote a definitive book on the Anglo-Sikh wars:


Eye opening discussion, well worth your time. I can't help but think that our lot seem to be sort of dead in spirit compared to Askew, who seems to be the most passionate, socially conscious guy out of the lot....

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Gurpreet (dude on the left mentions) Amar Chitra Katha - Indian comics on all kinds of subjects including sikh history.

I personally never read it but I got into history by looking at the work of these Sikh History artists. I still have their books (the books they illustrated or where they had their illustrations published).

Kirpal Singh

Devender Singh

Mehar Singh

Jarnail Singh

Amolak Singh

B M Anand

Harbhajan Singh

Bodh Raj

and of course Sobha Singh

I am not surprised that Amarpal doesn't know about these guys (some of whom are still alive). I am not surprised that we don't not know about them either.

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Sobha Singh and THE Kirpal Singh illustrated Amar Chitra Katha comics?

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Yeah, we've had some Sikh artists in the past but we are now going through a new, interesting phase (inevitable in this globalised world) where Sikh art is being influenced from many different quarters producing new stuff. I think your own art perfectly exemplifies this btw Bhagat.

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I think that's been happening for a long time now. Indians have been influenced by Western Art since the British Raj and even earlier. Artists like Sobha Singh, Kirpal Singh, etc all the oil painters*, are a result of globalization. Albeit it was on a smaller scale back then.

*Like Askew said Oil painting had european origins so anyone practicing it was influenced in-part by european artists.

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