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How To Play The 'shaan' Like Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji? Desperate Help Needed


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For a very long time now I have been trying to play a shaan on my vaja just like the one Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale used to play in his diwaans but I find it extremely difficult to do so. I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to or knows anyone that can, or anyone that might be able to play their own by listening to it and then making a video tutorial of it. It's a really hard task, I'm not that experienced with harmonium anyway.

By the way there is one guy that I know of that plays the shaan EXACTLY 100% just like Maharaj, he is the son of Bhai Ajit Singh Swindon and sits alongside him and plays it at the beginning of their diwaans. I once approached him and asked him myself but he told me he's extremely busy all the time and just practice but I have tried for ages but to no avail.

I have uploaded 2 soundcloud files of the shaan which you can listen to from Bhai Ajit Singh's diwaan that are played by his son (THEY ARE 100% CLOSE to Maharaj's shaan). I seriously want to learn this shaan. Thanks.

Shaan 1: https://soundcloud.c...5507670/shaan-1

Shaan 2: https://soundcloud.c...5507670/shaan-2

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