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Waheguru Ji

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He is right however the point is ..if we just think on philosophical plane it would make sense but look what has happened ..Most people who do Dasam Baani paath will keep saying baot mehengi baani hai ji ..and in this way we make an impression that the baani is too difficult to recite and understand..in all these years these baanis were gupt from sangat since prakash was not done and today the sangat does not recognize the baani as Gurbani...

It is like to know what your father is and what he can do for you is a different perspective ..the first step is to know that a particular entity is your father...so even in the most sehaj roop..without any complications i think everyone should recite the banis available ..otherwise tomorrow you are not passing it to the next generation and then we get to see darshan and dhunda types.

My santheya teacher sant surjeet Singh nihang mehro vale was telling me that people want to jump to the hardest banis first but they dont even know jap ji sahib. A person should start off with mool mantar first then proceed onwards.

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