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Rattandeep Confesses Panjwar As Mastermind Of Chandigarh Blast & Drug Smuggling In Punjab, Police Claims

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Chandigarh – In a significant development, Babbar Khalsa International Operational Head Rattandeep Singhon Thursday recorded a confession statement about his involvement in the bomb blast at Sector 34, dating back to 1999, and named Pakistan-based head of Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), Paramjeet Singh Panjwar, for masterminding the blast. He also stated during proceedings recorded on camera that Panjwar was smuggling heroin and smack into the state.

A remorseful and somewhat angry Rattandeep also disclosed before the Magistrate that he had taken training in Pakistan and was sent by Panjwar to execute the bomb blast in Sector 34 on July 3, 1999. “I have been manipulated. We, who executed the operations, are suffering, while our bosses are minting money. Panjwar has been smuggling a large amount of heroin and smack into Punjab. If Punjab is crippled with the drug menace today, it is because of Panjwar,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rattandeep Singh also disclosed that the recently held Jasbir Singh aka Jassa, another co-accused, who was arrested on November 9, had got him Rs 1 lakh prior to executing the blast.

The UT police had brought Rattandeep to Chandigarh on November 5, nearly 15 years after the blast.Rattandeep was first arrested by the Punjab Police on September 18. The Chandigarh Police had identified him on July 5, 1999 with the help of the scooter that he had used to plant the bomb. The blast had taken place in the parking lot near Regional Passport Office (RPO), Sector 34, on June 30, 1999. Four persons were critically injured and a dozen vehicles were damaged in the blast.

ratandeep-singh-bki-operative.jpg?resizeRattandeep had escaped from the custody of the UT police in Jind on July 3, 1999. However, two others accused in the case, Sher Singh and Gurbakash Singh, were later arrested. While Sher Singh and Gurbaksh Singh were jailed for 10 years, Rattandeep was declared a Proclaimed Offender (PO).

Sources in the operations cell (anti-terrorist squad) of UT police said, “During interrogation, Rattandeep narrated the pathetic condition of extremists based in Pakistan and other foreign countries. Panjwar, head of Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), is now a builder in Pakistan and under acute pressure of ISI to revive terrorism in Punjab.” He also disclosed his links with Pakistan-based head of Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF), Ranjit Singh Neeta.

Source: http://singhstation.net/2014/11/rattandeep-confesses-panjwar-as-mastermind-of-chandigarh-blast-drug-smuggling-in-punjab-police-claims/

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