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Stabbings Outside Cali Gurdwara

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What the heck???


YUBA City, California, USA (December 7, 2014)—A Sutter County jury convicted one of the two men who were involved in the Sikh Temple stabbing at a local Gurdwara. Mangal Sanghera was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. Sanghera was involved in a big fight outside the local Sutter County Gurdwara on November 10, 2012 in which he ended up stabbing Balbar Bains. Sanghera now faces up to 7 years in prison when he is sentenced on January 9th.


The jury, however, weren’t able to reach a verdict on the same charges that were filed against Parminder Kooner, who was accused of attacking Ajaib Mahli.

Deputy District Attorney Clint Curry said he doesn’t know why the jury was unable to reach a verdict on Kooner. Curry said that Bains had looked him in the eye and had told him that Sanghera had stabbed him and he did the same when he told the jury. Malhi testified that Kooner had also stabbed him in the back, and also told the deputy that night.

“I’m not sure why the jury didn’t find Mahli’s testimony sufficient, Mahli testified through an interpreter.

“You lose part of the communication that people use to evaluate truthfulness,” Curry said.

Parminder Kooner is set to appear for another court date on December 17th where prosecutors will either set new trail dates, or dismiss the case due to lack of evidence.


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Mad ain't it?

People go mental about some bimbo taking sleazy pictures in the Gurdwara (understandably), but come this type of violent pendu phudooness outside a Gurdwara and we have a deafening silence...

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