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Baba Partaap Singh Rare Wale

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His name is Santpartaap Singh ji and he was given that name by Sant Isher Singh ji. People often break up the Sant and Partaap when in fact they are both part of his name. Baba ji is a very down to earth person so you won't get him displaying or saying anything like that.. Rest depends on how close you get to any mahapursh.

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I understanding the head of the samprada is now Sant Baljinder Singh ji (Rare Wale) after the recent passing of Sant Baba Teja Singh ji. There are many branches after Sant Isher Singh ji as most of the sevadars of that time have gone on to start their own gurdwaras. I believe Baba ji is still closely associated to the main Rara Sahib branch.

As for your second question, you will have to judge for yourself and it depends what you seek from him. Have satkar for all mahapursh.

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