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Hundreds Evacuated From Wolverhampton Cinema After Film Protest

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What happened here was absolutely appalling. I am all up for protest just like everyone else, they have full human rights to protest but as soon protesters take tribal anarchy approach-start intimidating viewers by blocking/shouting/raging/fear mongering prevent them from watching a movie. This is where line needs to be drawn.

This cinema owner should have called better security for viewers should not given to these anarchy type thugs, its assault on freedom of speech and freedom of liberty.

Note to protesters- Learn a thing or two about how to protest, even though i disagree with your way to protest. I will defend your right to protest by providing some tips how to effectively protest instead of 'YOU' following tribal anarchy pendu way-

1. Public opinion is everything. So what you want to do- don't do anything which would intimidate the public. If you come across as obnoxious condescending pricks, public-sangat will not stand up for bullyism and will tell you take a hike and shove your sensitivities where sun does not shine.

2. This protest should have been handled very meticulously printing key words- eye catching neutral words as to why you think- movie should not be watched, provide examples, some pamphlet should have printed to give to viewers or put in place where people can read it and decide for themselves.

Thats it your job is done, let nature takes it course, if your protest message resonates with people thats great, and if it does not its great as well. You leave it up to Vahiguru/Higher power. You don't dicate terms to public here by shoving your views, projecting yourself onto people by enforcing the message or shoving this on people throat. It's against nature law, it has never worked and never will. Every action has reaction. Reaction response is determined by how severe action was.

This has fired back miserably. You have lost all support. Learn how to protest sensibly first. It's because your intimidation there are already talks about facebook-as soon as dvd copy of nanak shah fakir is released, it will gone off the charts on torrents/movie sharing website.

Who is the main protester head anyway at wolverhampton? Tell him to read this to get some tips.

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What a bunch man ! you cannot do anything to keep these folks happy..no sikhs in a movie is a problem ..sikhs shown has a problem ..Movie on Guru Sahib is a problem...

the best is ..let them and the ISIS Taliban be bundled together and sent on a isolated island ...othe larhho maro..je tuhaanu thik lagge..let the world live peacefully.

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