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Guru Granth Sahib Ji's stand on MARRIAGE...

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Veeron te Bhainji,

I think this is one issue which is always a key one and that affects us drastically in life..

What is written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji about marriage? Is it mentioned anywhere that a daughter of a Sikh has to be married to a Sikh itself??? Also why doesnt that rule apply to a boy in that case? Guruji dont believe in this discrimation. And if Guruji doesnt believe in any discrimation then why does the sociey make such a big issue of this.

Sikh Rehat Maryada says so... but this is written by SGPC, who are onyl interested in securing their power. So is it that they feel that if a daughter gets married to another caste, one individual of the Sikhs will get less...

I just recently read an article on Anand Karaj. I have started reading the Guru Granth Sahib and I have a fairly OK idea of then other religions too. Just for the background information, I am a part of a very cultured, Gursikh family, so I am pretty aware of the importance of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

I had heard you once, becoz you had come to our town once.

I recently read an article on Anand Karaj and it is also mentioned in the Anand Karaj related books, Rehatnama that "A Sikh's daughter should be married to a Sikh."


According to my knowledge, this has been written by the SGPC people in the Rehatnama. My question is that, is it mentioned anywhere in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji? To my knowledge in all religions, in any of them, it is not mentioned that you cannot marry a person not belonging to the same religion. Your point of the child having to face two religions is very valid but my question I reinstate, IS IT MENTIONED ANYWHERE IN THE GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI, THAT A SIKH'S DAUGHTER SHOULD BE MARRIED TO A SIKH?

If there is any such thing in the Bani, please I need the shabad and the meaning, page number in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


This has been written by the SGPC people, who wouldnt want the strength of Sikhs to go down. Why this doesnt apply to a boy? Is it because then the strength of Sikhs doesnt decrement, but increment if she converts to a Sikh. Dont you think that if the mother is a Sikh, then she can put more Sikhi principles in the child than the non-Sikh mother.


Also certain rules are followed by the Sikh Panth as mentioned in the Rehatnama of which all of us, males and females dont rigidly follow, eg, applying Mehandi, wearing ear-rings. Nowadays, drinking and removing hair from parts of the body has become a social norm, but then why those people are not discriminated? Is it because, if many people break a rule, then the rule existence is not followed at all? Then why do the Granthis go to their house and talk to them?

Gurdwaras too dont follow all the rules mentioned in the Rehatnama, eg, the Kada-Prashad should be put for distribution in the plates in BEER AASAN, this too is not followed in the Gurdwaras, so why is that few rules if broken are not considered at all and few raise such a big issue. There are many such issues which the Gurdwaras too dont follow. The Huzoor Sahib, which is one of the Pank Takht do absolutely haywire with the rules mentioned in the Rehatnama, but that has solid recognition. Why this discrimination?

Please reply to each and every point of mine, but essentially the first question. Answer in the same point manner.

Whatever is my understanding of the Gurdwaras, Granthis and the people and their norms is restricted to my vicinity. This is not keeping in mind, any particular place or person.



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I think that it is important for a sikh to marry a sikh provided if that sikh is concerned with meeting God. There is no discrimination on this, but those people who want to meet God should marry people of the same inclination and if you are going to use sikh path to meet God then it is good that your patner also follows the same otherwise if you are of the inclination of partying and maya-stuff then you can go ahed and marry anyone. ofcourse this rule doesnt hold strict like no rule holds strict and perfectly true. You might even marry a muslim and do it or marry a hindu, ultimately it comes down on to a personal scenario in which on the people who want to get married can decide what is best for them.

I am not sure if it is written anywhere, but I think I read in the 52 hukamnamas on this website that a daughter shouldnt be given in the house of a clean-shaven man.

The rest of the points.. we need not really care about. We do bhakti for ourselves and by waheguru kirpa everythin is fine.

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