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  1. i m not forcing u to blieve something that u dont want to believe, after all u will believe according to u r past karmas and sanskaars ! even if it is wrong or right. how old r u 15-16? u still have a lot to learn
  2. No. You dont need and if you still hanker after Sants, you wont get anything. Zero. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru Nanak. ... So are you going to follow Guru Nanak Dev ji or are you going to follow a Sant ! You have to have unwaivering, strong steel like faith in SGGS as the same as Guru Nanak Dev ji. Our teaching is from SGGS. Do you know simply by looking at SGGS, you can get all your questions answered, all your teachings.. You dont even have to read. You have to have FAITH ! No Sant can liberate you. No Mahapurkh. Only SGGS can. I am not going to use the word Sant again as Sant refers to only SGGS the rest of other sikhs are only Gursikhs. Moreover it is the Hukam of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji to consider SGGS as the Guru. Yes we can learn from banis of other bhagats in the SGGS, but that is not a signal to take refuge in Sants. Anyways, I have had my share of Sants. God has showed me a lot of Sants from crooks to real brahmgyanis & everyone have there different stories and different saying. No one will say the samethings. All are different from one another. There is no use following them and if u do meet someone just listen to them, take what u need - leave the rest and give them a good farewell and bye bye.
  3. This correct answer and this is what all true Gursikhs will tell u, not the wanna bes. so from then on , I guess u had refuge only in SGGS and nothing else and after that answer you got. I dont think you need to ask again "can you teach me sikhi?" becoz only and only SGGS can teach u sikhi, no human being can make u meet Guru sahib not matter how big a Sant he is, no one else can ! and no matter how much u read biogprahies of these sants.. they are not going to help.
  4. RupZ, I will take your advice of not being proud and egoistic. I agree with your saying that we should look inside and not at Sants and there biographies. I am not slandering them.. but if you really wanna know.. I'll tell u. If u ever meet a God-realized Sant, it is just a blessing of God. You dont have to search them or look for them or read biographies.. You will get nothing. But God will give you sangat of Saints and Mahapurkhs for one day or two days or more and whatever message God has for you it will be delivered by the Sant. What we SHOULD NOT DO IS... that we should not get attached to sants. We SHOULD NOT Hanker after them or look for them for inspiration. In simple we we should not become there disciples. As soon as we are done with them.. we should completely leave them. What most ppl will do is that they will never forget them and they will indirectly make them as there Guru. Then it is like "Sant Ji and SGGS" in reality it should only be "SGGS , ONLY SGGS" When ppl follow sants.. they loose, becoz sants can not deliver u. Long-time ago I had bad time practicing nitnem, I even stopped for one week, but then one Gursikh met me and all of a sudden he asked me only about doing nitnem and only about nitnem and then He told me never miss nitnem and from that day .. I have been doing nitnem regularly and it happens without self-effort, even if I am late I still tend to complete it. There are some days that I miss, but usually I do it. I am not following that Gursikh, that person came for 2 days and he left. He forgot me and I forgot him. I dont talk to him. So sometimes God sends small messages through Sants, it is noghitn but a blessing. We should Hanker after them !!
  5. I know you are Great, RupZ _/_ You are the top Guriksh and you live a Gursikhi life style so pranaam to you !
  6. You see sikhi, god, parents, brothers, world different from each other. A Real Gursikh sees only God and everything as Same.... so you dont rate or prioritise things like that. He sees only "God..God..God..God" .. everywhere. In parents, friends, teachers he sees only "God" While u are seeing it different. as for Rupz, he simply failed to understand what I said. Okay go u r way. I NEVER MYSELF LOOKED FOR SANTS.... God simply made them meet me out of no where. They met for a day and then they left.. I didnt get to attached to them and I didnt follow them. This is Lila or Games of God. You can not understand Lila or Games of God. You are trying to use Logic, Logic doesnt work. That too is the hukam of God.
  7. Beast, that is not ego. YOu failed to understand my question. It is simple... if u dont know about steel beams .. then u can not answer my question. Similary , if u r not in the shoes of fred'schildren then u cant answer that question nor can I . If you were.. then you'd probably know what to do. Simply by reading or talking we can not help other people, we have to be in there shoes. again read my above post. Let me tell u a sakhi, there was this boy was interested to learn archery, but his Guru didnt want to teach. This boy learnt it secretly by watching his Guru teach others, when his Guru found out that the boy had learnt it secretly and had become a good archer. The Guru asked the boy to cut the thumb of his right hand and the boy without hesitate cut off his thumb knowing that he would never be able to do archery the rest of his life. SO THIS IS HUKAM, ADHERENCE TO DHARMA/DUTY... If you dont have this quality in you, then u are far from even following the Hukam of Guru !! Its simple as that. ... those of who say on sikhawareness they follow the hukam of Guru. i can tell them that even if Guru sahib was appear to them in real-life, they would not even be able to follow a single hukam of Guru Jee.... They would fail hopelessly ! I can write down and tell.. that not a single person on sikhawareness can follow the hukam of Guru jee.. Not a single and that includes me. All ppl will talk big, but they cant follow hukam, they dont demonstrate in practical life. There is a famous saying "In the mouth there is God's Name, but in the hand there is a knife." you guys will slander u r parents and do nice seva at the Gurudwara. That is useless crap ! but if u do seva of ur parents or other human beings by seeing God or Guru Nanak in them, then consider u have done seva of u r Guru !
  8. **Ram Chandra was son of Kaushilya and she sent Ram to 14 years in forest so that her real son would be king... but Ram Chandra accepted it as an order/hukam and never uttered a single word in protest and gave her full respect and love nothing less than a real mom. **Warnings1, The problem is with our ego, our thinking, the filth inside us. There is no filth outside ! or in our parents ! **Shraman served his parents to death, seeing God in them. He according to some sources later took rebirth as Gautam Buddha. **Prahlad , kept reiting the name of God even though His son father who was an evil man refused him and asked him to recite his own name. His father was going to kill Prahlad by asking him to climb on a hot pillar , when God came and killed the father of Prahlad and Prahlad even after the death of his evil father is asking God if his father will be liberated and God assures he will.
  9. Warnings :1 You answer me first , If you are a doctor at a local hospital and I ask a engineering question of how to lift a 1 ton stainless steel beam without any crane or other lifting device ?
  10. Guru Arjun Dev ji always listenned to his father, where as his youngest brother did not and was always wanting to do meditation, simran..etc..etc , He said he has nothing to do with the world.. But Guru Arjun Dev ji always lived in the Hukam, if father said to goto busienss purpose to Lahore or address the sangats or any other job .. Guru Arjun Dev ji did and finally Guru Ram Das ji(Father) passed Gurgaddi to Guru Arjun Dev ji(son). Is this example small enough for us ?
  11. You also think too much, are your parents Fred West's type ? Yes or no ! Why not surrender to God and have faith in God rather than thinking of what 'type' our parents are and then see what results it will unfold for us?
  12. Guru Nanak Dev ji got a slap and he never argued or spoke back ! while I guess if some ordinary person got a slap then they would slap back ! which is sin ! Regardind sexual abuse, I think that you think tooo much far and thinking has no limits.. you can think of all the worse things that can happen, but can you not think one positive thing? are your parents sexually abusing you? Instead wasting time like this it is more beneficial to have faith and surrenderance in God and then see .. what results will God unfold?
  13. Okay bro, do.. try all your self-effort and we'll see where you get ! This kind of stage is hard to explain and can only be felt, but ppl get tired with there self-effort and repeating God's Name, they dont get anywhere. Your first step only happens by Kirpa of God ! Your effort doesnt work. The time you understand that "You have NO POWER"... that will be the day you will first enter the path to God. Your first step is to surrender to God, To have Faith in God, this is the First step. Once you surrender God comes all the way to you. God will take your hand, when you GIVE UP EVERYTHING TO GOD. Read first puaree of today';s hukamnama in Punjabi. *********************************************************** Regarding parents, A worldly person will see the world as follows "God, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Wife, Children." A Gursikh will see the world as follows "God, God, God, God, God, God." A Gursikh never faces the problems that you mentioned or atleast even if he does, they are all well sorted and he never ends up in an argument. As for Amrit.. its not in your hands. If Guru Jee gives it to you.. you get it... if not then not ! but those who see God's Hukam in there parents... they get much more they asked for, while those who are argue and fight... usually end up with a headache ! I know hardcore bhagat, His parents use to stop him to do this and that and a lot of restrictions... but he never spoke against his parents and he is now in chardhi kala.... God has given him more !! much more !! kirpa and grace. First learn to see Akali Guru Gobind Singh Jee in your parents , in the world and everywhere.. Only then can u recognise the Hukamnama of Guru Sahib otherwise it is difficult to recognise the Hukam of Guru Jee & only those on whom Guru jee casts kirpa can recognise the hukam others will read from here and there and will go slander hindus and kill brahmins. So good luck with all your "trying" and "self-effort".
  14. n30 singh, Gurbani is Brahm ! It is not a school book that you can open and read and draw out some basic conclusions on what can be done or not ! Bani can only be understood by people who have reached the stage of brahm-gyan ! and it cant be put to explanation ! I know what you are trying to say from Sukhmani Sahib. I will tell you that there is no such thing as Sant. The only Sant is Guru Sahib , the SGGS !!!! There is no other sant besides that ! Let me ask you, have you met any Sant ? I have met genuine Gursikhs myself , who have had extraodinary miraclous experiences with Guru Sahib. But I dont follow those Sants and they dont want me to follow them. They all say that there is no such thing as sants and no **human** can deliver a person to God. All of them beleive in the power of SGGS. I too beleive in the power of SGGS ! and I dont try to copy them or take inspiration from there life. We all take inspiration from SGGS. You will read one little biography of some sant you get filled with **awe** and run after that sant and start doing the samethings. .. It doesnt work friend that way ! basically you guys are just after miraclous/ridhis/sidhis. If I give you biography of Sant with no ridhi/sidhi or miracles in it.. then you will be least interested to read it ! haha Sants have a different story , a different purpose, infact everyone has a different story, different purpose.
  15. okay then u copy Baba Nand Singh Sahib and do the samething and those links have no actual athuneticity and Baba Nand Singh Sahib never had refuge in anyone bsides SGGS or considered anyone else besides SGGS as Guru heh and you are NOT Baba Nand Singh Sahib, His story is different from yours. Copying him and doing the samething becoz it worked for him isnt gona work for you. It is God who makes you do what is right for you. Plus.. no, Baba Nand Singh Sahib never read from SGGS , but he knew all of it from heart ! I dont rely on Sikh historians and gyanis for info.
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