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Bhramgyan = Permanent Unchanged Divine Coma / Awareness Of Awareness Indefinite Unchanged Coma

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Bhramgyan = Permanent Unchanged Divine Coma / Non Dual Awareness Of Non Dual Awareness Permanent Unchanged Coma

Thats pretty graphic scary way of putting it right? Thats what i thought when i first read it as according to one of the sage put it as intuitive direct as one can which helps understand immediately. It's even beyond bliss.

I believe he used that word purposely because as human being has a habit of confining of absolute state to alter state of consciousness.

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But a brahmgyani can shift back and forth no ?

I have read that Karak Brahmgyanis stay on 3rd or 4th bhoomika so that they can interact with the world to teach them.

However, when brahmgyanis reach 7th bhoomika, they even lose consciousness of their bodily functions like urinating etc--> and its only a one way street to merging with Brahm and shedding their body.

I guess there are different sorts of brahmgyanis too. this stuff is complicated..lol

no wonder brahmgyani ki gat brahmgyani jaane

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Above awareness of awareness coma /dive coma is turiya atith avastha sun nirvakalap sehaj/spontaneous samadhi never really lost as its always in the background at very core state of pure bhramgyani being.

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