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What Are The Mechanics Involved In Making Khande Di Pahul ?

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My knowledge is limited so please add. Also correct me where I am wrong.

I specifically want to talk about the techology involved.

The baata is made of Sarbloh, the khanda is made of sarbloh. Sarbloh is also an avtar. Sarbloh ki racheya hame... when the khanda strikes the baata electricity/energy is produced. The energy is contained . There is a conductor or insulator underneath the baata made of rock. Beneath the rock is wool.

The bani goes into the water through the eyes and hands of beloved ones. Then there is a granthi who is looking into the water at all times. Patase to add sweetness? not sure of the purpose.

this is a technology of greatest jantar mantar & tantar. Jantar is the 5 kakars that we wear. mantar is the gurbani. tantar is the technology of capturing energy in water.

So what I am getting at is that this process is happening at a way deeper level than we can understand with our intellect. Only Guru Ji knows what really happens at that time. When such a profound process is happening, I personally would like to keep it as traditional and as original to the real process. I would rather be on the safe side than to err.

Bhul Chuk Maafi

Mods pls feel free to del if it feels redundant.

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Khande Ki Paul is based on the jantra tantar mantar philosophy. The mechanical philosophy is nothing new and exists in Sanatan India for centuries, for example the performance of Yagas, acquire Siddhi, control ghosts etc. It is based on secret method of manipulating nature and its elements. Its requisites are the use of the hidden mantras (mantra) and the amalgamation of certain physical objects (jantra) upon which a certain practice is carried (tantra) out inorder to acquire an end result such as warrior spirit water (Kandeh Ki Paul). The whole purpose of Vaisakhi 1699 was to create a martial brotherhood that would uproot all tyranny and evils in the world. The khandeh di paul is a sacred baptism into this doctrine which itself infuses the spirit to fight evil and tyranny in the world and against the inner spiritual world.

There are 3 types of amrit in Sikhism

1. Khandi ki paul 2. Amrit Naam. 3. Divine Consciousness (brahmgiani)

Mantra = 5 banis,

jantra = Bata, Khanda, pedestool, Water, Sugar, 5 Beloved rehatvaan, spiritiual Singh's in bana

tantra = The whole amritsanchaar process

Result = Khande Ki Paul

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