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Two Men arrested for sitting comfortably in empty trains


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Thats just ridiculous.

Feminism and decriminilasation of white race on the rise, thats all I can see.

​You mean criminalization of white race?

Btw isn't this what happened to Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany?

For those wondering what this has to do with feminism, it was a group of feminists that started this unfounded hate campaign.


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I don't know much about those issues so I can't comment on that.

What I can say is that we shouldn't be comparing number of arrests by itself. Numbers can be misleading and can be misrepresented ie the 'wage gap myth' is essentially a misrepresentation of numbers. We should be comparing what the arrest is about. We should ask instead - was the arrest justified? on what basis? and how does that compare to other communities and classes? And so forth.

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If you are going to arrest for man-spreading, then you should also arrest those who display sexual behavior, kissing, and wearing clothes that show cleavage, legs, thighs etc etc in public. But that is not going to happen, since woman can wear whatever they want lol , but a man cannot spread his legs to make his junk comfortable.  Its just jokes.

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