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My experiences and some humble queries

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SatShriAkai ji

Some queries constantly coming to mind:

1. I have read that due to Guru's Kirpa The Simran automatically starts. Disciple don't have to force himself for doing Simran. How one can know/judge that his Simran (Madhma (only by KANTH), Pashyanti (only by heart) and Para (by NABHI)  Simran) has started by Guru's Kirpa.

2. What are the stages he passes during the journey?

3. My experience: I started hearing high pitch whistling sound long back and it is vibrating at constant frequency link Drum sound but pitch doesn't match with drum sound. Whatever outside noise is present, I can hear constantly this internal sound. Sound is coming from both ears and my judgement is that this sound is coming from my top of the head. What are these sounds? Recently I also see purplish black (very dim) colour after closing my eyes for sometime. It appears to fill slowly whole screen in front of my closed eyes.

4. what are the other sounds (and corresponding stages) one hears during this journey? Are these only sounds or one also hears Bani Verses. Is there any difference between yoga sounds and Anhad Gurmat Shabd?

Please enlighten on these points


SatShriAkal ji

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1. That may be true about spontaneous simran but most of us aren't that lucky and have to make effort with his grace.

Bakhari bani is when simran is done with the mouth out aloud. With practise this slowly leads to Madhma bani which is sass sass simran or very dhull whisper synchronised with the breath. Beyond that one moves to rom rom when simran exceeds the speed of the breath and is done on a mental level called pasanti synchronised with the pulse/heartbeat felt in chest or navel. Para is when you start hearing anhad bani or naad and can latch onto that instead of any mantar jaap.

2. You will gets loads of different answers depending on who you speak to. Only that matters which you directly experience as the rest is just enjoyable reading.

3. Keep persisting with the simran and learn about Sunn Samadhi and Anhad sunn.

4. The other sounds have been listed in the Ringing Sound thread. Please have a read of that topic. Don't worry about which sounds are yoga and which are anhad. They maybe one and the same. The real sounds will lift your surti upwards and inwards and the others will do nothing for you.

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