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Dalit man's limbs 'hacked' for alleged affair with high caste Hindu girl

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VILLUPURAM: The right arm and leg of a young Dalit man from Villupuram was allegedly hacked off earlier this year after his affair was discovered with a Caste Hindu girl, according to a report published on The Indian Express on Saturday.

The matter came to the forefront after the victim filed a police complaint with the help of Indian Express, four months after the incident took place, the report said.

The victim’s mother told Express that her second son Senthil, 28, a private mini-bus driver was having an affair with a Caste Hindu girl, Malliga, who used to travel on the bus he drove everyday to school. Their affair continued for two years, she added.

According to the report, the girl's maternal uncle discovered her affair in March and warned her to leave Senthil. He also informed her parents who forced her to do the same.

Malliga subsequently maintained her distance from Senthil. Upon being questioned by him, she said that she could not go against her parents' will as the two of them belong to different castes.

A few months later, Malliga’s relatives spotted Senthil trying to approach her and informed her uncle.

Malliga’s uncle forced her to lodge a complaint with the police against Senthil, saying that he stalked her. Senthil was subsequently remanded in jail but later released on bail.

Days later, Senthil bumped into Malliha while he was boarding a bus to go home. The girl assumed that he was stalking her and filed yet another complaint but he was let off with a warning.

On April 16, Senthil was making his way to a shop near the Villupuram employment exchange when Malliga’s uncle attacked him with an iron rod, causing him to fall down in an unconscious state.

Upon regaining consciousness after a few hours, he found himself near the Mambalpattu road railway gate with his limbs chopped off.

Local residents shifted him to a hospital. He was discharged a week later after which he proceeded to lodge a complaint with the police.

When Indian Express found out about the incident last week, they helped Senthil submit a petition to Villupuram Superintendent of Police K.S Narenthiran Nayar.

When Express contacted the SP, he said a special team has been formed to investigate to incident, adding that all of the accused would be nabbed at the earliest.


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To be fair all south asian community including sikh community are diseased with honor killing killing either the girl or boyfreind. We have similar honor killing, savagely beating in our communities as well:

This is no different than cases of sikh "cultural" extremist savagely beating his daughter in law for having affair. 


It's time leaders of all communities address the root cause of this problem rather than brushing this aside.

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When I was in India a couple of years ago I read similiar reports in local newspapers from Punjab - mostly Jatt related.

​Most of the violence is perpertrated by "high" caste groups. This case is quite shocking but considering the violence against low-castes in Bihar/UP it's not that far out.

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