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The yug are to be taken as mystical time, not historucal time though. Careful!

I'm keeping an open mind because it could be that the length of the Yugs has been wrongly calculated.The following is takne from http://www.yoganiketan.net/yogiraj/appendix.htm

The current almanacs give us the Kali Yuga itself as consisting of 432,000 years instead of only 1200 years. The error, too, was due to the influence of Kali or the dark age when the human intellect lost the power to grasp finer things. Thus, Medhatithi and Kullukabhatta, two of the celebrated commentators on the Manusamhita were both wrong in taking the earthly years mentioned in the verses as "Daiva" or years of the gods which have never been mentioned in the Samhita in this context. The Mahabharata, in the Vanaparva ( Chapter 188 ) and Shantiparva (Chapter 231, Verses 20—23), and the Harivamsha tell us the same thing as the great sage Manu does. From a detailed discussion of all these sources the Masters have shown us that the cycles of human consciousness on earth move on in the following order: Satya, Treta, Dwapara, Kali ( the descending arc) ; Kali, Dwapara, Treta, Satya (the ascending arc). Thus we find that we have two Kali and two Satyas side by side, the one ascending, the other a descending one. We have just now finished 2400 years of Kali (1200 descending and 1200 ascending) and in 1969 are passing through the 269th year of the Dwapara era. Signs of gradual improvement in the general human consciousness were visible in the 1200 years of the ascending Kali. As soon as 1100 years of the ascending Kali were spent, the period of mutation preparing for the Dwapara Age started and finer electrical matters gradually received greater and greater comprehension from the human mind.

If 1969 was the 269th year of this current Dvapar Yug, then it seesm as though Kal Yug was beginning to end and Dvapar Yug was beginning to begin in 1700.1699 was when Khalsa was established.You need to read the whole article to understand that we maybe actually in Dvapar Yug at the moment, not Kal Yug! :? :? :?

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well, the hare Krishnas say that as well and honestly ... Our Gurus made it clear that we're in Kal Jug!

The Satguru definitely were in Kal Yug, but that may or may not mean that WE are.

Again, I'm keeping an open mind.I'm not swayed one way or the other, wether today is Kal or Dvapar again.Frankly, I don't much care, I don't think it's that important.

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Here are all the yugs-

Satyug = 1,7280 years ---Lord was Ram Chandar Ji

Tretayug = 1,2960 years--- N/A ( I dont know that one, probably someone can add) ( I think ramyana took place here)

Dwaparyug = 8640 years (Krishan maharaj ji and mahabarat took place)

Kalyug = 4320 years (Lord was our guroo sahiban's. Guroo Nanak Dev ji maharaj was nirankar in kalyug and spreaded prema marg and "Kalyug mein kirtan pardhana" all over the world)

I have very limited knowledge on this perhaps someone more knowledeable can enlighten us with more information.

Some references to Yugas




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