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maybe we should let others aware of the new viruses , cuz most of the time, people won't check the antivirus sites as much as they check this site... so if you've got info on a new virus, or an old one that's still causing ruckus, post it here

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theres a new virus which just started on monday called "so.BIG".. and its the most lethal virus to date... any emails taht look suspicious do not open them!!... the virus duplicates and sends out to everyone in ur address book... and also sets itself as a trojan on ur pc

if anyone gets the ms.blaster worm u can get the patch from


ull know u have the worm when ur pc jus keeps restartin by itself :shock: :P

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Just an addition to what Steel Bangle has posted. This is a simple and easy method to get rid of the annoying msblast worm. First download both the fix tool and the security patch from the links below.

security patch for XP >>


symantec fix tool >> http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/FixBlast.exe

First of all run the fixblast.exe which will get rid of the worm, then just install the security patch. The link above is patch for XP, if you have a different opperating system just download the appropriate patch.

Final and most important step, download a good antivirus program and a firewall!

Hope this helps.

Fateh ji

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