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Gurmukhi Script in Early Form


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This is the early form of Gurmukhi Script without orthographic signs,and it was used in Goindwal Pothis.But before Compilation of Adi Granth by Guru Arjan Dev Ji,this script was reformed,updated and simplified by Bhai Gurdas on the advice of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.
In spite of development of Gurmukhi Script by Bhai Gurdas the Sikh Gurus from Guru Arjan Dev Ji to Guru Gobind Singh ji used the old script in their Nisans and Hukamnamas.Due to ignorance of this basic fact some Sikh writers propounded the theory that Mulmantra was not fully developed upto the time of Guru Arjan.

Tomorrow photographs of Nisans(Autographs) of Six Gurus from Guru Arjan to Guru Gobind Singh shall be uploaded to highlights this fact.




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