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Sakhi from uditiya duniya of Bhai sahib Bhai randir Singh ji


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3 hours ago, paapiman said:

Srimaan Sant Baba Ishar Singh jee Kaleranwale (Nanaksarwale) used to say that a person, in his dying moments, gets past flashes of his Amritvelas. Therefore, if a person has spend most of his Amritvelas in Naam Simran, it becomes very easy for his mind to connect to it. We need to remember that the thoughts associated with the last breaths are very critical in deciding the person's next life form or liberation process.

Most likely, all these past flashes are preserved in the Akhashic records.


Bhul chuk maaf

Veer ji thats hard hitting stuff especially as daas has read what happens when even sadhus let alone paapis like me have had a bad thought in the end and consequenstly had to suffer cos of it.


I will post a saakhi related to this as its in Bhai Randhir Singh Ji's Unditthi Duniya about a sadhu.

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7 hours ago, paapiman said:

Please do post the saakhi asap in the Saints section.



Bhul chuk maaf

Veer ji here it is. I copied and pasted from the pdf version of the book as it was easier to find. As its a short story i have posted it here but you can make a seperate thread on it or i can related to this.


Here is a story of a sage, who engaged in hard penance all his life. However, it so 
happened with divine-intervention, that while dying he aspired yearningly for 
progeny. The couriers of death included both yamas and angels on his death. He was 
thus escorted to the presence of Dharamrai. He had heavy credit balance of pious 
deeds, while the evil thoughts had assailed him only at the time of death. It was left 
for him to decide whether he preferred to go to heaven first to enjoy fruit of his 
good deeds or be done with punishment for his evil dying thought. It was made clear 
that punishment has to be gone through sooner or later. The sage preferred to dwell 
in heaven later on rather than earlier. He was reborn in the life of a sow. As sow, 
there was lot of progeny. On the expiry of this life of punishment, the yamas and 
angels re-appeared to take the being to the hereafter. The angels enquired whether 
he was ready to be taken to heaven, now that he had seen a long life as a sow. The 
orders from Dharamrai are that you should now dwell in heaven. The astonishing 
reply came, that life as sow is preferable to enjoyment in heaven. The loving 
attachment to progeny did not permit a separation and appeared painful. The 
heavenly life was rejected as of no consequence. He pleaded in the name of 
Dharamrai to be left alone as sow to remain with beloved progeny. Seeing his 
depravity of mind, the angels reminded him of his life of penance and spiritual 
knowledge. When he was fully reawakened to his past memory, he felt highly 
ashamed. He then realized the hellish and hateful life that he had led as sow and 
repented much. He then readily accepted to be taken to heaven. Earlier he had 
gladly accepted the depraved life as sow. That is how last dying thought can 
undermine all meritorious deeds. It is only Gurmat Naam-devotion, that allows not 
mind to waver from Divine- contemplation. Efficacious Naam with Effulgent-Power 
reduces to ashes the past sins.


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