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Alternate History

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18th Century:

In this alternate history, I am starting after all the Sikh Misls had united under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In this time line , Sikh Kings were not tolerant, any and all gaddars and enemies were killed without a thought. This Maharaja Ranjit Singh looked toward the future of the raj after his death and planned it so. The Maharaja did not invite anyone into the inner circle except strict Sikhs, aka Nihangs and those who had no alternate motivations except the far and wide rule of Sikh Fauj. In this scenario the king knew all about the dogra's trecherous nature, so he invaded and routed and slaughtered all dogras while annexing kashmir full into the sikh raj, rather than keeping it a vessle in the real time line. Further more, Sikhs were far more aggressive about converting all non sikhs into the khalsa fauj. People were given land and rewards when they converted and embraced khalsa. This way, Sikhs would've made up the majority of the empire  in a 100 yrs . Maharaja Ranjit Singh had started training his grandson Nau Nihal Singh to takeover his empire after his death in the future. So when the time came, Nihal would've been ready. In this time line , Sikh Empire is at it's peak and the maharaja is close to his death. But Nihal is fully ready to serve the Fauj. In this time line , the snakes never showed their heads since all faucets of the empire were made up of very sikh aspects. There was no terrible transition period between Rajit Singh's death and Nau Nihal's crowning. The british never saw a chance to strike , so they stayed at bay. 


Soon after taking over for his grandfather, Nau Nihal wanted to expand his rule, so he invaded Sindh and baluchistan , conquering both easily. The sikhs and british made further treaties into their allience and the british decided to hand  Haryana and Himachal to the Sikhs to show friendship. Meanwhile, the russians were looking to expand further down central asia and were looking to take Afganistan, the british decided to help sikhs Annex Afganistan , so russia never had a chance. Nau Nihal started his war against afgans, and with a rapidly industralizing Sikh Fauj and British weapons, the SIkhs easily defeated the very tribal and backwards afgans , this also led to the genocide of majority pathan population . Upwards of a million pathans were massacared by the Sikh army, though Sikhs didnt feel bad, as the afgans had slaughtered Sikhs in 17th century . Soon Sikhs had a huge landmass  for themselves, but they still weren't satisfied. The russians were coming, they wanted acess to the warm sea port into the indian ocean and didn't think the Sikhs couldn't defeat russian might. So the Sikh - Russo war started in 1893. Sikhs had been industrilizing since the start of 18th century and had much superior weapons and military system , that was developed with the help of the french and british. Sikhs easily defeated the russians and took over much of their central asian countries, uzbekistan, turkmenistan, parts of kazakstan were handed to the Sikhs and Europe took notice of this new superpower. 


19th Century

Sikhs expanded into africa, and made gains in Somalia and eritria . During WW1 , Sarkar I Khalsa sided with the brits  /allies but mostly stated out of the conflict, helping the allies with weapons / supplies and access through Sikh controlled areas.  However the Khalsa Fauj had it's own ambitions. Maharaja Ranjit the 2nd , son of Nau Nihal Singh wanted to take over tibet due to it's vast resources of mineral and plenty of fresh water. China itself was being destroyed by Japan and couldn't fight on two fronts and the Sikhs had a treaty with japan and so were able to annex Tibet. 


 WW2 , Sikhs again were friendly with brits / Allies and stayed mostly out of the war while protecting their african colonies . By 1940 , and the end of WW 2. Sikhs had grown to 100 million strong, made up majority in all the lands they controlled . Sikhism was now the 3rd largest religion after Christiany and islam, through the 19th and start of the 20th century , Sarkar - E - Khalsa stayed a monarchy, with the blood lines of the Original Maharaja Ranjit staying in power. Sikhs made out of WW2 with rich and with very few casulties, Sikhs never took part in battles in Europe and mainly just protected their assets. Sikhs had also loaned millions of dollars to the allies and very now the 3rd largest economy in the world by the end of WW2. With the end of Nazi empire , many nazi scientist were looking refuge outside germany, many escaped to USA and helped create the Atom Bomb and Sikh Empire had also given refuge to many of them in turn that they help create atom bombs for SIkhs. With the end of colonialism, european countries left Africa , along with the Sikh Empire, however, during that time , Sikhs had made converted all of east africa in to the Khalsa and thus and friendly relations with their former colonies. BY the end of 19th century, Sarkar E Khalsa was the 2nd largest economy after USA. 


21st Century


As for 2018, Sikh Empire is a nuclear superpower along with being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Former British india is now split in 2 with Marathas and Rajputs controlling the subcontinent. Sarkar E Khalsa has friendly ties with both. 


The Flag of Sarkar E Khalsa has a Navy Blue background with a dark orange Khanda in the middle, and with 2 roaring Lions , one of each side of the khanda and a Eagle standing on the Khanda with it's wings spread out

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