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Alcohol in mouthwash?

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44 minutes ago, EkUtamPanthSunyoGurSangat said:

I was using some crest mouthwash and out of curiosity read the ingredients. There was alcohol. I am amritdharee so should i do japji sahib and ardas or ask panj pyare or is this a different kind of alcohol like rubbing alcohol

What does it say on the ingredient list? Just alcohol?

Rehat is very strict on coming in contact with tobacco.

IMHO, you don't need to go to Panj Pyare for this. Your intention was not to consume alcohol for intoxication, therefore it is not even a transgression of the Rehat. You can double check though with a Gyani jee (one who has thorough knowledge of the Rehatname). Even some deodorants, colognes, hand sanitizers, etc, have alcohol in them. 

There are many types of alcohol. Ethanol is present in alcoholic beverages.

If you fell uncomfortable with using this mouthwash in the future, there are alcohol free mouthwashes available in the market. You can use those.


Bhul chuk maaf

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There are alchool free mouthwashs avilable as well as i was offered them when i went to the chemist as the lady was a muslim serving me so she asked non alchool for which i said yes.


But there so many medicines that have ingerdants that are really hard to get alchool or drug free. 


As i have prescribed Co codomal with 15/30mg codine i use it for painkiller not for getting high as these medication can cause addication as well in the long run.


But yes the advisable thing would be is to avoid tobacoo the most as i heard a gursikh whom does keshi ishaan as soon he gets home if someone near him smokes as thats how much gursikh he is.

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