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Panjab and cancer - are they sitting on a solution?


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All of us here have probably heard of a purported cancer epidemic in Panjab (which is mainly put down to excessive use of fertilisers/pesticides, although I do remember reading that certain areas in Panjab had a higher rate of radioactivity than normal which might point at other more insidious causes - like people burying nuclear waste there?)

You know I've always been interested in natural plant based remedies, and lately the boom of interest in cannabinoids (in the west at least) shows some real promise in this area. Even CBD oil is now openly available here, although Rick SImpson (the Canadian man responsible for bringing the potential benefits of the plant in this application to the masses), feels that THC is the most potent cannabinoid to combat cancer mutations. Then we have the theory that the wide range of cannabinoids in the plant (more than 60 of them) actually work best together and not in an isolated fashion - referred to as the 'entourage effect'. 

I've heard of a couple of relatives (none that I was close to) passing away from various cancers back home over the years. For those of us that have been there, we'd probably know that hemp/cannabis grows like wildfire over there. In fact the variety of cannabis known as Indica (which Rick Simpson says is best) actually originates from there (Indica is apparently a corruption of the Latin Indikum which means 'from India')

I can't help but ask: are Sikhs unwittingly (especially those from an agricultural background) sitting on a potentially powerful solution/treatment to the medical problem over there? 

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Well judging by this video, Rick Simpson has reached India although it doesn't look like Panjab. Are apnay being slow and behind the ball on this?



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