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HOMOPHOBIC ---are we??


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hey! ssa!

i just thought i bring this VERY contreversial topic up (just beacuse im curious < that should be my quote..lol>) why are many sikhs and indians in gerneral homophobic?? I mean is it wrong culturally and/ or relgiously? Did our gurus say homosexuality is wrong? Or is it against sikhi? 10% of the population is homosexual, so i don't find it shocking when i find out someone is homoesexual! but im curious (like i said before) is it wrong ? what you guys feel about HOMOSEXUALS?

i know this is a very tough topic to talk about, but i would like to know about how people feel.

i have friends that i know (they are not indian, they are white) that are homosexuals.

ok thanks for any input

ps.... I AM NOT HOMOSEXUAL, IM HETERO! and why would it matter anyways??

pss.... if this topic gets teased, locked or whatever its all said and done, INDIAN PEOPLE ARE HOMOPHOBIC, and thats the core of it

psss imagine telling your parents :shock:

lol anyways ONE LOVE

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