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Successful Sangat Challenge Of London Gurdwara Committee Behaviour Proves Power Of Direct Action

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Nanki Kaur: Successful Sangat Challenge Of London Gurdwara Committee Behaviour Proves Power Of Direct Action

"It is quite disheartening that the Kaum has reached such a state that our supposed committee members, who seek to run our institutions, are not even aware of the basic principles of Sikhi."

Apr 11

Nanki Kaur
April 11, 2022 | 5 min. read | Opinion

In early April, Sikh Sangat from around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) drove all the way to London, Ontario, in order to address a persistent issue that the local Gurdwara committee had failed to take care of. 

An individual at London Sikh Society Gurdwara had removed pictures of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale and Deep Sidhu twice alongside taunting Sangat that he would continue to do so each time they are put back up. In addition to the removal of these pictures, the individual was allegedly disrespecting the pictures as well. 

When word of this matter spread, outraged Sikhs confronted the committee as it is their job to prevent such disrespectful acts, however, the committee did absolutely nothing. Members of the perpetrator’s family even stated that the committee was allegedly encouraging the individual to remove the pictures. 

After seeing this lack of action from the committee, Sikhs took matters into their own hands, and organizations such as 5abunited, and sevato decided to spread awareness about the matter and organize a day for the Sikh Sangat to visit the Gurdwara and come to a resolution....


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