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Dalit priority.

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8 minutes ago, MrSingh1699 said:

These people are automatically our brethren and natural born Sikhs.

We as rich Diaspora Sikhs have failed them.

And it's not just 250million folks who are the Highest of the High but classed as "Dalits".

There are 1,000 million poor people in India who are our people (fellow Sikhs) if only we welcome them and educate them about the Panth and do something practical to uplift their lives. The so-called Dalits and Bihari's in east Punjab must be uplifted and integrated into the Panth.

Beyond that we have to do our maximum to help uplift the non-Muslim black Africans that don't hate us but need our help especially given that the population of Africa will be around the 4 billion mark by the year 2100. In contrast India is likely to have a population of around 2billion by that point (unless east Punjab levels of below replacement fertility rate TFR begin to be replicated in the other states outside Punjab too).

But first let's work on unifying and uplifting our poor brethren east Punjab, then as we gain numbers do more outside Punjab and the Sikhs already in Africa and in the Diaspora can uplift thousands out of poverty if we funds schools and healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa down the line once we have killed off apartheid thinking in east Punjab first. 

I agree Veer Ji. We need to fortify ourselves now and first. 

But...if you see what I'm seeing bro... It's at a tipping point, it's too much. And hindustanis might not give us long to get ready. 

We need to at least share our support, our informatuon, our training with some of them. So they can teach the others. 

We need to voice their media interests, which only furthers our own illustration of the truth about so called hindustan and it's terrorist government, and the brazen degenerate culture of rape and brutality that it supports. 

I fear time is not in abundance. 

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1 hour ago, MrSingh1699 said:

You're absolutely right bro.

We cannot abandon our brethren Dalits in India nor the poorest of the poor in sub-Saharan Africa.

We absolutely must indeed help them now too in a balanced way and should prioritise them ahead of those being helped by NATO or the Muslim countries.

What sickens me bro is that the religion of Dalits (= Sikhi) is being attacked in such malign ways by the deep state (RAW) that by the census in 2031, Sikhi may once again become a minority religion in Majha and Malwa yet again for the first time since 1947 precisely because we have allowed the enemies of Sikhi define what Gurmat stands for instead of looking to Gurbani and our Itihaas.

Not if we have anything to do about it. Akal writes this play according to his Hukam, and what we are "willing" to do, and charges us for it. And to that degree I'm willing to do whatever it takes to grow into a Gursikh, and help the poorest of the poor and grow this Paanth. 

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