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Why we can't emulate zionists.

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Here's some things I've discovered recently studying Black Dharams of various kinds, not so much their views, which we can cover later, but their organizational structure, use of technology and media. 

One. Camps and tithes. A lot of the Black Isrealites function in camps. Which are local groups that meet up in person somewhere usually public. They use the time to congregate, oversee the community, and do their Parchar. It costs zero dollars, and is very effective. Tithes are not required, as they originally went only to the Levites, as their job was to be priests and no other work. They do however spend money on each other, with each other, and for events etc. Causes. That is done according to free will and ability. 

They conduct a massive amount of time in Sangat over apps like clubhouse, including overnight groups where most members sleep, and a few elders are reading from the bible and discussing, or speaking with members up late about personal life. 

They have other rooms where they make a single topic the focus, and debate it. They debate other religions and people constantly, with excellent decorum, thick skin and some balls. 

The sometimes coincide these clubhouse rooms, with zoom conferences and YouTube live to create Parchar content, at the same time as debating on multiple platforms. They make use of multiple social media layers well and link them all together. 

They have modernized music, based on their truth. 

Many of them are making rural land purchases and pairing them with the city communities. 


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2 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:



Persians actaully freed them, but go on brother. 

Mmm islam did what you brother? You called it what brother? Why you do that brother?

The peope in israel are who brother? The talmud is what?

The confederation is known as what?

How many Shaheeds come with Christ?

144,000? We got 96, 7 just for you bro, go on. 

They're doing what to you with entertainment? Sounds like punjabi media. Go on. 

Oh shoot bro some people going to Narak?

Oh there's another covenant? It's for who?

Not everyone? Huh

Some things going down we going back into the wild?

Huh I heard some revered Singhs say that hmm

How many groups are victorious in Dharam Yudh? Two? You and someone else? Huh. 

(From another source)

I just got this video today. I think it pretty much lines up with what I said the last few years especially on SikhSangat, currently in shame. 

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