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Nazi movement co-opted lol.

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All these pieces are coming together. The nazi movement you see today in nato, eu, americas etc is not the nazi movement started by hitler, nor is it the scrubby little skinhead gang losers, although they've now been absorbed for sacrifical use, the sweet irony is that the imperials that go around hiding who they are, that he went after...co-opted his movement like everyone else's. 😂

I'll do a more thorough breakdown some day. 

But the fake jews and fake nazis are one and the same. Ironically. 

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Imperials a admin cut devilishly brilliant. Cannot take their evilecence away from them. When 1 makes devils bro, he does it with the same quality of workmanship as Gods. 

Righteous ones are the ones failing right now. That's our fault. 

We can't beat the devils at their game, we have to understand it to some degree to force them to play ours. 

And we have to be disciplined and shrewd, asymetrical, irregular, prepared, independent in the way we play our game. And bring them, welcome them, into it. The game. Akalis way. 

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