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Benefits of hemp for horses and other animals!


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  • shastarSingh changed the title to Benefits of hemp for horses and other animals!

And yet the people that drink caffine out of plastic wanna call Purtan Shaheed Singhs users of Nasha.....

I hope this epic work across threads by @shastarSingh has made it clear to the reefer mad, they are indeed wrong at this point. 

Which is a large percentage of the Paanth.

In fact the Truth clearly emerges that this herb is profoundly effective on so many levels one can only say it was made as such by God. 

And you don't have to eat it. That's your diet. But we've been destroying this planet and countless lives imprisoning the well nourished and eco industrious. And that's hate of life, God themself, and ignorance. 


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And every major Parchar org is wrong on this topic and proud to be, like christians ...loving every moment of hating and comdemning the Righteous. Speaking against the Paanth, our Ithias and our Shaheeds. Our Guru Sahiban. 

Rewatch how smug our Parcharaks are on cannabis. It'll turn your stomach knowing the Truth. It's disgraceful actually. 

Hemp and race are two topics the majority of the Paanth are white brainwashed entirely in. 

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10 minutes ago, shastarSingh said:

In my recent threads, I hv not mentioned about cannabis curing cancer, epilepsy and hundreds of other diseases as I assume people know about it already.

Amen bro. At what point is all you can say is..well God made it for eating and making stuff and healing the earth? The animals, everything loves it. It's a miracle. Don't like it? Wear it don't eat it? 

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