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Cannabis can help in study focus!


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Lack of proper sleep can badly affect our health, memory, brain and focus.


1.) Sleep Better with THC

Stress doesn’t only impact our waking lives; it also impacts our sleep.

Research shows sleep deprivation and stress go hand in hand.

In fact, stress can reduce the amount and quality of sleep we get.

Why is this significant?

Sleep deprivation is associated with a number of negative effects on our health like reduced immunity, brain fog, weight gain, lower energy levels, and you guessed it – more stress!

Yet, research also shows THC is a safe and effective sleep aid.

A study published in 2008 revealed cannabis helps people fall asleep faster and longer.

But that’s not all…

Cannabis, especially THC, is shown to reduce REM sleep.

Hence why a lot of people who consume cannabis before bed don’t dream. The REM cycle of sleep is where dreaming occurs.
THC appears to reduce the amount of time we spend in the REM stage of sleep.

This is huge for people who are suffering from insomnia and night terrors associated with conditions like PTSD.

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