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Stoned drivers are lot safer than drunk ones!


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And we should all be at least half related to farms with wells that grow the super plants. And we should help each other with land ownership and educational and professional development and be living tribally inside but outside the world. 

And Gurudwaras should offer more, like Shastar Vidya, tutoring and all the other stuff we talk about. 

All the langars should be basically grown, we should grow beyond that, Hard times? Our food stores now. 

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4 minutes ago, GurjantGnostic said:

If you tell your kids to be sober, but if...if they are to do something...this is what you want it to be doing. Prevents them doing everything else potentially. 

Thousands of family situations solved in our Paanth if we choose Naam, water, Bhang optional, in that order and enjoy being together in peace. 

Nihangs don't force shaheedi degh on anyone.

Panth shud also not force nihangs to give up shaheedi degh.

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In conclusion, when we look at plant based cannabis related deaths in general, the number is very low. This may come as a surprise to some because the majority of Australian cannabis still comes from the black market. There are still zero deaths solely attributed to plant based cannabis, ever.

Research shows that even after having consumed cannabis, you are much less likely to crash than after having consumed alcohol. You also have to wonder why media is so alarmist about cannabis. Normalised drugs like opioids and alcohol have a much higher dependency and addiction rate, and kill many more people than cannabis, every year.

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