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On 11/10/2022 at 4:43 PM, sevak said:

This is a Sikh forum. 

You don’t say. Last time I checked this site is called SikhAwareness not SikhIgnorance. Several sub forums are for discussing other religions. Sikhs should be aware that the christian mythology is neither original or unique but borrows heavily from the cultures and civilisations its’ followers were exposed to in the Middle East. This might go some way to help prevent Sikhs falling for the lies of christians who have made massive inroads into our community if you haven’t noticed. 

Who made you arbiter to decide what Sikhs are allowed to gain intelligence on? Does learning about Mein Kampf make someone a fascist? Does reading Das Kapital make someone a communist? No wonder they are able to convert so many Sikhs if you lot are scared of their holy book let alone trying to counter their talking points. 



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