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  1. Anybody enjoy taking a new notebook and flooding the pages writing “Waheguru” or “Mool Mantar”??
  2. The motive behind all these vaccines is only and only - “money and more money”, “profit”, “greed”. It has become a disaster.
  3. We use to do it before, then stopped as it became a hassle. But ur right what u said in ur post. Must be sanskaar.
  4. Correct. But do watch the video from 17 minutes onwards. Mangal ji talks about this exact thing. Bhuk Chuk Maaf
  5. I just came across this video. Look at the innocence of these ppl who are illiterate & Waheguru’s innocence and bholapan tooo
  6. This use to happen me. The awareness increases many many folds. It can also be kalyug -if negative feelings. Overtime for me it resolved on its own. Put more concentration on the mantar. Dont allow the mind to waiver outside the mantar. Also, keep a jot On.
  7. Actually Sir, I don't have a lot of medical information therefore dont want to give wrong advice. However, I have practiced the Wim Hoff Method. Scientific experiments conducted on people who took very very cold showers showed that certain types of hormones which are responsible for relaxation and basically making the body feel good, auto-immunity (they call it para-sympathetic nervous system) increased 200%-300% more than the normal individual. You can google such studies by typing Wim Hoff method. Overall, I feel cold shower should get you better sleep. I sometimes take hot shower, when I ha
  8. As per Baba Jis bachan I need to get 1 sehaj path a month. So I will keep the mala. Yes its become a distraction, keep track and movement of beads and Im a beginner too in this.
  9. Actually, the trance states are intermittent, they dont last long enough... come and go sort of and please dont say “reached a stage”. I dont believe in stages and Im in the beginning stage. I have 5 doots (Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh & Ahinkaar) ALL inside me. The mala I still want to do as I want to keep with Baba Ji’s bachan of 1 Sehaj path a month.
  10. This why I love Nanaksar so much. They have brought back the puratan lost maryadas.
  11. I think this is what might be happenning to me, maybe @paapiman or @ragmaala can advise. If I do mool mantar with full dhyaan, focus, love & not concern myself with finishing it. Here is what happens : Say “Ikongkaar” in antargat ... mind gets “ras”....”waheguru presence” - hajoori feeling and mind enters a trance like state.... after sometime then move onto “satnaam”.... sometimes the same phrase gets in repetition mode “satnaam satnaam satnaam” basically the mind tries to hold onto the last syllabe as long as possible and sometimes in between a feeling of “awe” triggers &
  12. Thanks Sat1176. I get the picture when u say “dhun mein dhyaan”.
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