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Abrahamics, for better and worse

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For brevity sake I'll just say this. Jesus was basically the only good to come from Abrahamics since bc 11. Whether you think he was a revolutionary,  saint, Guru, or God manifest, whatever way you think that works. 



But none of these post ad Belief Structures called judaism, islam, or christianity are intact let alone good for the most part. 

Today we highlight the jews. They like to say their tradition is thousands of years old. What they omit...is that it's an oral tradition dating to after the temple destruction in 70 ad which is when actual judaism stopped being practiced. 

And that the talmud oral tradition that drives moderm judaism is 1500 years old and contradicts the Torah up down and sideways. That it contradicts the oldest rabbinic writings of Paul...about a Rabbi Jesus who would woe unto these rabbis for what's in here. 

The zionists are balls deep in hinduvta and have no empathy for us or dalits or anyone else btw. 

And check this out.

Niddah 45a...It's about consumating marriages with two year old girls using full intercourse. And also rabbis getting caught going back for bloody seconds with their...soul baby brides or whatever. 

For which I can't get a single jew to step away from. Btw. 



No wonder the loveliest Jew I know who shines with love is an anti zionist atheist dr. 

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Tldr christianity NO MATTER HOW CLEAR JESUS WAS...the same story in some cases and where the children aren't hurt every race and religion was to extinction. Great job guys. 

The Bible itself if you were to apply what Jesus says at the end you're doing good. 

But no wonder Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj doesn't adhere to Qtab despite it having truth in it. 

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Take moment to be supremely thankful our Bani is Gurbani, written by...Guru Saibhan and approved...directly approved bhagat, bhatt and varaan bani?

With a PERFECT history. 

Than continues largely untarnished, largely unschizmed to this day. 

And while all religions are full of like 85 percent didn't read the book...Thank God for giving us Sikhi free of all these things. 

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Ohhh and there are wayyyy more hindus posing as us than there are us false flagging and ish and they want us all dead. 

You best circle the wagons Sangat Ji and ally with the Dalits and others who aren't yet subsumed by hinduvta. Rss bjp bs. 

And every Sikh is a Khalistani terrorist. They're gaslighting the world. We have to educate people and pull no punches about hindustani terror. 

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Oh and shoot can't let them get off. Masons...embrace all the abrahamic faiths specifically and haven't been seen stopping any white power ever. 


Which contradict each other...but all agree of pedophile things....


And are supposedly dedicated to baphemet. 


And what are jews known for all through the bible? Turning back to baal. 


You can't be a mason and a Sikh you have to pick. 


And yet I know individually lovely masons. 

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