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Where does the money go??

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hello! SSA!

my cha cha recently was talking to my parents, and i overheard their conversation. What he said was that the Harminder sahib/ golden temple get thousands if not millions of dollars a day! Which makes a lot of sense! But there is no real accountant or like money tablulation going on. All this money is some how dissappearing. Who is taking count for all this money?? I know money shouldn't be an issue, but once thousands of dollars gets missing, wouldn't you worry where its going? I think maybe the gurdwara should start adopting the casino way of counting money, with metal counting system, and computers counting the money! lol this may sound stupid, but it might somehow make sense, i am unclear on this topic, so if anyone has any facts related to this topic please inlighten me! we should adopt a good method of keeping track of where and who is counting all this money!

well tell me if this is true or not... i never actually realized this was happening until my cha cha told me from a recent trip from india!

one love

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Actually, Myself isn't sure how the money works..

But, the way things run at the gurudwara these days, its bit useless donating..

If one wants to donate, I think it should be done anonymously..Because our apney too concerned with show off, or who can donate the biggest amount..

As with golden temple ji, So many names of people,businesses, countries are engraved or carved on the floors, walls, and etc..-I think this is the last thing a person could do ..is donate to a guru ka ghar, but then still "show off"....I doubt Golden Temple receives millions of dollars per day, per thousands is a fact...

The thing is...People "sukh" these days..Like suppose If I have son, I'll do prashaad, or donate this to it...And so then they full their sukh..by donating and showing off the same hand...I find it sort of stupid..

Another thing that irritates me a lot is..The 'baba jis' or whatever you would like to call them 'sort of' give you lalch to donate more..

Ex: .I was recently at Harminder Sahib, and if you like put 100 rupees or more, They would give a saropa with patasas in it....If that isn't bribing you to donate, then I really don't know...

I think more money could go towards like opening education schools about Sikhi and etc...bringing 'awareness' ...The thing is it seems when you donate all it does is add 10 more floors to the gurudwara. Although its not bad, but I think any money donated could go towards a better cause.

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fateh ji,

da money wich v r donating does nt go anywhere. but sgpc hav full record of tat. tat money is used in schools runed by sgpc n also for dharam parhar works. sgpc is runing so many colleges n schools in punjab n other parts of india.

n also tis donation is used for printing of sri guru granth sahib jees bir n other literature,( for wich sgpc is charging very less bheta.)

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The Sikh school at which I teach was never given any money from the local Singh Sabha Gurudwara's, all that money was used for the new Gurudwara, if the kids don't learn about Sikhi who's going to visit that place 20 years from on?

No Gurughar helped with the school when it was going through a financial crisis, now that it is running successfully and has been given a grant by the Government, people are rushing to put their kids in (1500 waiting list) :roll:

It's amazing that not one Gurudwara helped because the society which established the school is Nanaksar. When are we going to get over our petty differences and make a difference? I bet if we did then 10 more schools like the one in Hayes can be opened, this is the only way to educate our kids, from the very start!


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