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Bhavna of an sikh towards his guroo or his murshad


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I already know how sikh's bhavna should be towards his guroo or his murshad to have darshan guroo's sahiban...I would just like to ask sangat views on this...

Few things to look/study into before responding to my message-

-Bhai Mardhana bhavna(emotion) towards guroo nanak sahib nirankar compare with bhai lehna (guroo angad sahib) bhavna towards guroo nanak sahib nirankar.

- Baba farid bhavna towards his murshad rather than "nirgun" form of allah which didnt lead him to meet god. since baba farid was nirgura he couldnt met allah ... after 36 yrs he finally met his murshad...after listenin an voice from the sky saying "If you wish to meet god, meet someone who already met and merged with god".

I ll look forward to sangat views... this topic is quite deep... so take your time...

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wats the question again bruv?

question is... how should be bhavna of an sikh towards his guroo???

i know no one can draw the line..because its limitless... but if you can explain in your own words... that should be great... :D

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