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Im just going to post once and i just want to hear what people have to say about my situation. Lemme explain the situation, I amritshaked when i was 15, and there are not that many sikhs in my arrea. There alot of sikhs but not many gursikhs so i hang out wit alot of punjabis. My friends go to alot of parties they respect that im amritshaked but i think bak i have regrets(im 22 now). i ve bin to parties where theres bin ppl havin sex in the next room, parties where theres bin the smoke of marijuana in the room, and liquer and all that stuff. the thing is now i look bak and think i shouldnt of bin in places like that cuz it s outta sikhi but then i think that i dint participate so thats a good thing. Im amritshaked still and have always stuck to the code but should i have bin there?

Ive heard stories bout ppl my age in bc, uk wehere singhs and singhnias get together do paath, sewa and other strict sikh stuff, and im out there goin to parties. i think i broke my promise but i dunno. i wish i had Gursikh friends so i didnt have to go to parties. anyways sounds kinda pathetic but hey thas how im thinkin rite now. so whoeva read this thanks for readin it.


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unknown - the main thing is that u have stuck to the rehat

u cannot feel guilty for things that other people can u? no

there was liquor in the club or party - did u drink it?... if not then why feel guilty?

did u put a spliff to ur mouth and smoke it?... nope... u cannot be judged for inhaling someones smoke - its not ur fault

HOWEVER!... as a amrit dhari singh u should reframe from goin to such places - if u do feel guilty u can always ask for forgivness from the panj pyare - and do an ardas askin for forgivness of ur phul chooka

where do u live aswell???.. im sure there are gurdwaras near u who hold events... :)

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vaheguru jee ka khalsa

vaheguru jee kee fateh

you didn't break your sikhi man, but i see how you feel bad for hanging out with the wrong crowd... sikhs should try to keep in positive sangat as much as they can, because the more and more you hang out with negative people, the more and more you'll become like them.. so you have to be really careful, you might get kinda tempted to do some of the stuff they're doing if you hang out with ppl like that too much..

just try to find some positive sangat, even its through emails or somethign on the internet - just some ppl that can understand and relate to you, and inspire you about sikhi...

much love


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u know wot - IM IN DA EXACT SAME BOAT AS U...!!!!!! Nearly amritshak hope 2 b soon!!!!

My m8z r totally wasted i tell u straight. Thin is im da only daughter in da house and got brothers so even if i wanted to gigs and stuff - i wudnt b aloud!!!!!

You know wot... just do an Ardas yeah... plz God help me find the RIGHT company!!!!!

You just gotto apply your ways into ur life yeah - and ull be confident in where u have been in da past and where and wot u do from today on!!!

Hope this helpz u.

Vaheguru JI Ka Khalsa... Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh -rem, lifes a big TEST!!!!!!

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