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Remember that Sikhism is the continuation of Christianity...

Ideal Singh

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Have a look at this stuff... its weird...





Remember that Sikhism is the continuation of Christianity.

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:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

The five Ks are to combat the five evils of the heart, KAAM, KARODH, LOBH, MOH and HANKAAR Thus:-

1. KAAM:- To this is related KANGA, the comb, reminding the person to look after his body, the Temple of God and to feel proud of grooming and massaging a healthy body. As KAAM involves physical body and therefore, immoral sex, that make a person shameless, BAESHARM, is the chief enemy of a healthy body. So KANGA is to remind the person to keep the body hale and hearty in order to drive pleasure out of grooming.

This is the only K that is related purely to flesh, the ASTHOOL ROOP, whilst the others are related to the spiritual states of soul, SOOKHSHUM ROOPS.

2. KARODH:- Anger is normally displayed by the once-born people of flesh who are normally led by ego, HUMAE that makes them incapable of understanding the Word. Pandit is the guru that teaches the people of flesh how to avoid anger and keep away from petty fights by obeying to the moral laws. A person under the first spiritual state of soul, HUMAE, being MOORAKH or simpleton needs the guidance of a moral teacher to lead his life and to build a strong physical body i.e. JATTI. They are led by RAJJO, i.e. to eat to their heart's content characteristic.

Thus, KACHH is worth putting on by the able-bodied JATTIS.

3. LOBH:- This is the chief characteristic of the MUNNMUKHS, the twice-born evil-spirited clever people, who are normally dominated by the desires of their mind or MUNN. They are dominated by TAMMO. MUNNMUKHS are stubborn in their desire for money and they would even kill their close relations to acquire wealth. The elder son of Satguru Ram Dassji named Prithvi Chand was a MUNNMUKH and so was BANDA BAHADUR, a very clever person who changed many names and was an opportunist.

Such people cannot be rectified through the word of mouth but sword only. So, KIRPAN is used to sort out the stubborn greedy persons, the MUNNMUKHS. Royal King Gobind Singhji fried to death the MUNNMUKH MASANDS but to-day the Gurdwaras are riddled with MUNNMUKH GRANTHIS much worse than those greedy Masands fried alive.

4. MOH:- The worldly attachment to one's family, property, etc. that deters the wise men dominated by SATTO from serving God by not renouncing the secular world. The disciples of Jesus, who formed the first Church of God, got rid of all their wealth to join the commune in which all were treated alike. But the bishops soon became greedy and immoral telling the Apostles, NIRMALLAE SANTS, to leave their Churches and them in peace so that they could enjoy the secular power in the name of Beast.

Further, the KHALSAS being the spiritual philanthropic soldiers, SHIV SENA, are to see that the people go by their businesses justly and honestly i.e. RAAJ KARAE GAA KHALSA, AAKI(WRONG DOERS) RAHAE NAA KOAE. Further, as KES is related to the third KHASHTRI VARN, the people who oversee the secular affairs are themselves expected to be shameful and honest. Beard as you know is normally pointed at if someone acts irresponsibly or dishonestly, so beard and Kes is the norm of the people of the Khashtri Varn. Because the secular administrators became corrupt like the shopkeepers, so they became clean shaven so that people could not point to their beards anymore to put them to shame.

5. HANKAAR:- People get proud of their status in life, wealth, etc. but if these worldly possessions are renounced, then one does not feel proud but an equal companion in the PANTH. This Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji demonstrated by becoming part of the Khalsas through Baptism.

So, KARRA is the bangle of iron that the Khalsas put on to permanently renounce their family homes and status in life for the service of God. This is also related to RAKHRRI that people tie around the wrists of men who protect them in their secular life. The soldiers of kings used to get them from their families when they used to leave their family homes to fight for the country but on their return to homes, it was torn away or let it wear off. But this iron bangle, KARRA signifies permanent renunciation of their homes and this is well stressed during the Amrit Baptism that initiates a person into the third Khalsa Panth(community) that from now on I am yours and work for you and not for my own family.

Thus, the Khalsas are not householders or family people and this is well stressed in the story of Bhai Joga Singh, who was called to duty at the eleventh hour during the wedding ceremony. Royal King Gobind Singhji himself did not consummate His last third marriage and the clever psychic Banda Singh Bahadur was specifically instructed not to get married, sit on a secular throne or become a guru.

The Kalsas are also not allowed to work for money but for philanthropy that involves no payment. That is why out of the "hired warriors", those who went for their wages were refused the Baptism and those who made their choice of Amrit to wages were Baptised into the Khalsa Brotherhood or Panth. Anybody who went against this norm was disgraced by rebuking him by the name "TANKHAIYA", meaning paid Khalsa.

The Khalsas being wise in the Word of God, SATT, do not stand in the need of any spiritual instructions from any one but ponder over the Word and enjoy the ANAND, bliss, of the Royal Kingdom of God. That is why the name of the town, which is the Headquarters of Khalsas, is called ANAND PUR SAHIB.

But the irony of the simpletons who are dominated by the MUNNMUKH GRANTHIS is that at the wedding ceremonies, the father of the girl normally puts on a KARRA of gold to the boy that normally signifies that you leave the house to join the khalsas and do not marry my daughter.

If such a TATT Khalsa be around, then all the secular administrative machinery works honestly and people would not dare to do wrong things. It is in this context that we say:-


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He is in UK somebody from there needs do some seva...

For further discussion, please contact:-

Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.,

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy,

144, Hamilton Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5RE, United Kingdom

Tel. 0044 118 962 3200

Remember that to your Three "Gurus" mother, father and Pandit, you render money,

To your "Satguru" Nanak Dev Ji/Christ Jesus, you render your MUNN or "mind" AND,

To your "Sachae Paatshah" Gobind Singh Ji, you render your TANN or "physical body" as sacrifice.

SACH is bitter but it leads you to heaven whilst SATT is extremely bitter but it leads you to ANAND/Salvation.

Falsehoods or KOORRS are extremely sweet, MAKHAEON MITHHA, but they lead you to Hell.

Younger Brother of Jesus, the first anointed Christ and of Nanak, the second anointed Christ(Satguru),

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy. A Jat of the Panjab.

E-Mail address:









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Guest BikramjitSingh

The guy is absolutely nuts to the point where I ask myself if it's actually not a hoax :shock: :shock: :shock:

Ah Rajinder Nijjar, I had many a discussion with this guy during my Uni days. He was not always this mad. :)

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