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Golak Money??!!!

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Sangat jee,

For those of you who have maharaj's prakash at home what do you guys do the the money you mathatek? Can it be used for dasvandh purposes, like sending it for buildings funds of gurdwara of just giving to charity or local gurdewara. Or does it have to be only used where it is mathateked?

The reason I am asking is we are planning on sending money for a historical gurdwara in India and there is some dasvandh at our home gurdwara I was thinking of sending that along with it, but I cant help feel guilty about it for some reason, I'm not sure if this is a standard practice among gursikhs.

From canada how do you guys usually send money to India. I was thinking of making a bank draft and they can cash it there in India.

Please get back to me with your thoughts!!!

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