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Buying, selling, trading shastars


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i have new shaster and old shaster, but not selling the old ones. If i do, i will let you peeps know.

you can vist my site, which has sooooo much graphics that it will take ages to load up... only bout 3 shaster on there, not all that good.

I can get new shaster, made by a close person to me.... :D , but he's very picky on who he sells them too. Cos, first you got be Sane. which most of you arnt. and secondly, you got to be sane... which most of you arnt

but www.sikhsoc.com has some stuff. also, the graphics may take time to load. so please be patient. :D:D

sukhnidaan, you the same dude that buys shasters on ebay.. if so, stop competing with me. lol only joking.

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