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Gurbani and Numerology???

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I’d be interested to hear what the Cyber Sangat has to say on this topic. Clearly an occult tradition, although its significance is still manifest in many paths, even within Sikhi numbers do have a recurring theme, namely 5, 10, 4 and the usual 9, 27 and 108 numbers associated with malas. The 3HO sangat have built upon this extensively with an elaborate analysis of numerological themes and their combination with Gurbani as well as Kundalini Yoga “as taught by Yogi Bhajanâ€. Shiv Charan Singh in the UK has a whole school built up on this subject and uses it frequently in his counselling services.

SikhNet even hosted a Tantric Numerological (which I believe is still available) where one would have a basic free analysis done from their name and birth date and the results would provide a set of recommendations for the individual which would include say recite Sukhmani Sahib for 1000 days or Anand Sahib for 1000 days, do a particular set of a certain Kundalini Yoga (“as taught by Yogi Bhajanâ€) workout or to recite a certain mantra (say, Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Vaheguru) or Pauri from JapJi Sahib (say Akhan Jor...) a particular number of times (usually 11x, 31x or 62x) for a certain period (say 40 days, 90 days or 1000 days) all to work on a particular ‘body’ or attribute.

Honestly speaking, this approach, firstly seems too simplistic in my mind to qualify as real Numerology, let alone Tantra and moreover, the recommendation say to recite Chaupai Sahib 11 times a day to help deal with certain ‘mind/spiritual’ which were frequently found under the Sikhnet of old (prior to the new moderators) I have to ask the the forum, is what? A genuine art or a distorted application of some Udasi legacy or are they in fact totally conjured up by Yogi Bhajan and a simple countering to the more complex methodology adopted by numerologists and Tantriks (if they ever did use this occult tool)?

What place has numerology for Sikhs? Ask Shiv Charan and this chelea, they’ll tell you “the numbers help get behind all the religions!â€

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