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Jewish Mysticism/Kabbalah reading list

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There isn't a relevant forum for this list either, so I'll stuck it here for now (hint hint truthsingh, N30)

The Bahir

translated by Aryeh Kaplan


Numerous translations and exegeses (Daniel Matt's not bad, but there exist full transaltions in big volumes)

Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation

translated by Aryeh Kaplan

works of Abraham Abulafia

an amazing Kabbalist whose works, as far as I know, are only available through Ayreh Kaplan's text on 'Meditation and Kabbalah'

Israel Baal Shem Tov's works

Obdyah Maimonides

Al-Maqala al-Hawdiyya (Treatise of the Pool)

Moses Maimonides

Guide for the Perplexed

The last two entries are interesting in that Obdyah and less so Moses, were influenced by prevailing Tasavvuf concepts and practices.

Other names worth researching;

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

David Kimchi

Joseph Caro (of the Safeds)

Rabbi Akiva

Shem Tov Ibn Shem Tov

Isaac of Akko

Jospeh Gikatilia

Shneur Zalman

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's modifications

Maggid of Mezerrich

Dov Baer

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what hint? this is jewish mysticism.

I haven't read half that stuff, just read of it, I was hoping by posting this back in 2004 somebody more intelligent than me could tell me all about it and save me many hours and a lot of pounds...and after three years of waiting, all I get is a 'simple jew' blog and some pointless bickering.

I was hoping for a more enlightened discussion on Kabbalah other than the fact that both sikh men (and some women) and jewish men (don't know about the women) have uncut beards!

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