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Tat Praapya tadevaavalokayati, tadeva shrnoti

tadeva bhaasayati tadeva chintayati

After the attainment he sees only that,

hears only that alone, speaks of that alone,

thinks of that alone

Narada Bhakti Sutra (55)

Tvayi Mayi Chaanyatraiko Vishnuh

Vyartham Kupyasi Mayyasahisnuh

Bhava Samachittah Sarvatra Tvam

Vaanchasyachiraadyadi Visnutvam

In you, in me, and in (all) other places too there is

but one All-pervading Reality. Being impatient,

you are unneccessarily getting angry with me.

If you want to attin soon the All-pervading Reality status,

be equal-minded in all circumstances

Bhaja Govindam (24) Sri Adi Shankaracharya

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Drishadwichiitra talpayor-bhujangmaukti kasrajorgarishtha ratna loshthayoh Suhridwipakaha pakshyoh;

Trinar vindachachakshushoh Prajamahee mahendra yoh Sama pravrittikah kada sada Shivam bhajamyaham

"Maintaining my equanimity amidst the bed of rocks and comfy mattresses; amidst the pearl necklace and the snakes; amidst the gems or clumps of mud; amidst the friends and foes; amidst the dry straw and the lotus-eyed young ladies; amidst the masses and the ruler on Earth; when shall I worship Lord Shiv?"

(from Shiv-Tandav Strotra by the demon lord Raavan)

Namamishamishan nirwanroopam

Vibhum vyapakam Brahm vedaswaroopam

Nijam nirgunam nirvikalpam nireeham

Chidakashmakashvasam bhaje ham

"I bow to that Great Lord, O Eesan (i.e. Eesar or Shiv) who is always free: the omniscient, all-pervading Brahm, manifestation of the Vedas, steady, always engrossed in the form of his self; without attributes; all alone and desireless and with whom this whole universe is instinct."

(verse in praise of Shiv, by Tulsidaas)

Vishwashrishthi vidhayanam punreva palantatparam Samharantmath prapancham shesh lok niwasinam; Kreeda yantimaharnisham gananath yooth sama vratam Chandrashkhar mashraye mum kim karashyati vai yamah

"He who creates the world in the form of Brahm, preserves it in the form of Vishnu and then destroys the whole creation; who dwells in all the realms; who, surrounded by the henchmen of Ganesh (a demi-god) amuses himself in a variety of amusements - I seek shelter in that Lord Chandrashekhar (Shiv). What possible damage could the god of death (Yama - another demi-god) inflict upon me?"

(from the Mrityunjaya Strotra)

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