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What is Sarb Loh and who is Sarb Loh Avtar?


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Is Sarb Loh just iron?Pure iron?I have very little knowledge of Sarb Loh Granth.I believe that Sarb Loh Granth says that Sarb Loh is a special type of legendary metal.Somewhere where you get sunlight, moonlight, star light etc; that is where you'll find "Sarb Loh".Can someone clarify?

Also I think that Sarb Loh Avatar is synonymous with Vishnu-Krishan.

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Hari Ji!


Please see my comments on similar topics on the forum:-





Over and above this I too would like to ask the same questions you have...and also more about Sarabloh Avtar too, who to my understanding is a uniquely Sikh Avtar (i.e. not mentioned in any other granth, puran, text etc).

Of course me being me, I'd also like to explore more of the Devi links to Sarabloh (as you'll probably pick up from the above)...so let's have some discussion people...what are your thoughts???

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