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Encyclopedia of Sikhism, The


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Is there such thing called encyclopedia of sikhism? i believe there is. I was on amazon, book hunting and i found one which is not even published yet. Its called 'Encyclopedia of Sikhism' by Arvin-Pal S. Mandair and Christopher Shackle. I wanted to know if any of you heard about it or know if it will be any good. i think it will, because after reading its synopsis it clearly shows it reveal all the anti propoganda and slander done to the sikhs. I would say it may be a similar book to 'SIKHISM its philosophy and ideaology' by daljeet singh which is a must buy but revised edition to its fullest...

heres the link


Also I know thier is another book which is very good. its called Sikhs and Sikhism: A View with a Bias by I.J Singh. Its full Essays that challenge the Sikhs and intrigue the non Sikhs. They debate religious, historical, social and political issues and recast age old traditions and practices in concepts and language that are contemporary and relevant.

I will be reserving a copy for sure :D

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I would personally advise you to get the Encyclopedia of Sikhism published by Patiala University, organised by Prof. Harbans Singh in 4 volumes. It's excellent. You can get copies through D.T.F no doubt.

Avoid Harjinder 'Sinh' Dilgeer's attempt at an 'Encyclopedia of Sikhism' like the plague, unless your into depressing misinformation...mind you he had me in laughing fits for hours, so maybe get as a joke. Any historical figure he personally doesn't like (and there's quite a lot of them), get renamed 'Sinh'. I can only presume he's part of the Institute of Sikh Studies based in Chandigarh (who are trying not to fall in with Kala Afghana at the moment, even though they are very similar in perspective).

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jtsingh thank you for the reply

I thuoght instiute of sikh studies in chandigrah were one of the best for sikh source? or maybe im just confused with patiala one :s have you heard of Encyclopedia of Sikhism BY R.C. Dogra, G.S Mansukhani? are they any good?

anyway i will still be reserving my copy of the new one...i'll let u know how it is :)

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It depends on what you want. Mansukhani is not much of a scholar, nor particularly note-worthy as an author...but if you want simple answers for complex questions, then read his or I.O.S.S texts.

Mandair and Shackle's should be good hopefully. From what I've seen, the Patiala Uni is pretty comprehensive, so that when someone mentions something obscure, you'll have something to hand to find out what it is.

I also know that SGPC are making their own 'Encyclopedia of Sikhism'; unfortunately i met one of the scholars who is being commissioned to create this version and he was talking tuti, so........

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i was just surfing allboutsikhs.com website and found the whole encyclopedia you suggested online!

click on sikh review and then go down to sikh encyclopedia

it includes a total of about 3500 entires on different subject titles relating to sikh life and letters, history and philosophy, customs and rituals, social and religious movements, art and architecture, locales and shrines...

oh yeh, you have to register b4 accessing it :)

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