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new bir raas kirtan katha


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just put on the kirtan hub some katha kirtan by Bhai Balbir Singh ji ex hazoori raagi of harmandar sahib. I have not heard it or found it on the net before more stuff to do with the dasam and sarbloh bani it is taken from the barsi of baba deep singh ji.

please feel free to download it.

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also uploaded the nitnem by baba baljinder singh ji from rara sahib for all to download.

more stuff coming soon as even though it has been explained to me cant figure out how to set up an ftp account.

divans of baba baljeet singh ji, baba waryam singh ji, baba baljinder singh ji koralee walea sant and lots more just give me some time.

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Amazing kirtan man... I love the part when he mentions sant baba jarnail singh khalsa bhindranwale's name... whole crowd was like


Sat Siri akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal :D

AKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal hiii akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal :D

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khalsa warrior, at the top of DC++ theres a magnifiying glass, click that then type in what ur looking for, hit search and it should come up

double click the search result(s) and it will download

or u can right click someones name in the username list, and click "get file list" and then browse their files n download:)

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