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a poem from my heart...written 29/02/04

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touching the untouched,

tapping into the untapped,

how conceited to think we have skimmed the water

for if the touch of truth has blessed the damned,

then how damned we are would be evident, eminent

eminence! a running commentary of the antithesis,

inflated ego using truth to justify its direction

posing under truth, projecting piety, striving for perfection,

yet god is just a reflection in one's own teardrop

if the depths of emotions, the abyss of yearning, can awaken our inertia and make us delve into the source, the untapped, the untouched

then the resentment, anger, frustrations of life are just an attestation to the shattered dreams, which bipolarly prove the existence of the source, and our aloofness to its content

we merge in love, yet divide in ego, how is it that we can even pretend to be true.

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