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sat sangat and sadh sangat


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ok this may get contraversial well knowing this forum probably a slanging match but through out the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sri Dasam Granth there are two types of sangats that are praised.

The Satsangat and Sadhsangat

I am sure that all in this forum have been in the presence of the satsangat at some point if not often but how many of you ever get involved with the sadhsangat,

If you does involve yourself with the sadhsangat as i do as often as possible i would like to read your views on why you do so and what it has given you.

For those that do not involve themselves with the sadhsangat i would like to hear your views why? And why you do not even though it is mentioned on many angs of Guru Sahib?

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firstly its not a choice one makes when getting up in the morning that they don't have nething to do today they'll go to Sangat....Either of those Sangats are acheived thru Bhaags. "Bin Bhaggan Sat Sang na Lubhay" So your question as to why some people don't go to Sadh or Sat sangat is simply if it is in your bhaagan then you will receive it. so even tho it is written on many angs of Guru Sahib, it is still the game of your destiny/Fate (Bhaags). I live in Texas and hardly get a chance to go to either of the Sangats and when i do its not for more than few days and the residual effects last for weeks and sometimes months.

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